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3 Baoma keeps fit for 5 years, still has stria gravidarum and abdominal skin pulling to regain confidence

After giving birth to three children, a 29 year old mummy was unable to improve after five years of active body-building due to her tight and flat skin during pregnancy, severe stretch marks, wrinkled belly and a small “belly” after five years of active body-building, After the operation, the mother was very grateful, “give me a new self-confidence.”. 」

No need to remove stitches and change dressings. You can be discharged one day after the operation

Liao Weijie, a plastic surgeon at the Affiliated Hospital of China Medical University in Hsinchu, said that during pregnancy, because the belly is enlarged and the subcutaneous fibrous tissue is broken, there will be skin expansion lines, that is, pregnancy lines, and wrinkled and loose skin. Abdominal skin pulling adds a knife edge under the navel, extends to the upper pubic bone, and then extends to the groin. Remove excess belly and stretch marks. The patient was discharged one day after the operation.

In addition, Liao Weijie also had a ring liposuction interview on the left and right thighs of the mother, about 350 C.C. on the left and right, and performed breast augmentation surgery with autologous liposuction transplantation, which not only made the mother’s stomach flat and her skin tight, but also made her legs slender. At the same time, the cup was promoted from the original a cup to the c cup, which also changed her originally flat navel into a slender one, “killing four birds with one stone”.

If the stria gravidarum does not disappear one year after pregnancy, surgery can be considered

Liao Weijie suggested that if postpartum women plan not to be pregnant any more, and they can’t solve the problem of stretch marks after one year of pregnancy, they can consider abdominal skin pulling operation. Liao Weijie stressed that in addition to the plastic surgery medical team, the hospital also has a strong professional team of anesthesiologists, which is carried out by anesthesiologists in the whole process and supported by evacuation of various departments. The complete medical team and complete surgical system can give women the safest surgical treatment and let women regain their self-confidence.


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